Going Vegan for Saving Animal

Be The Voice Of The Voiceless: Go Vegan

Don't you like animals and how cute they look? If yes, and you are still eating meat products, then we can help you change it.

Be The Voice Of The Voiceless: Go Vegan

By going vegan, you can save millions of animals from being slaughtered and subjected to cruelty. Animals are bred and suffer to die in the slaughterhouses.

How animals are being tortured by some Product Industry

  • Beef Cows are bred to consume, grow, and eventually die for their meat. Depending on the breed, they can be slaughtered between the ages of 11 and 12 months. They are chemically burned without anaesthesia to remove their horn buds during the first week of their lives and then castrated during the second week. In order to gain weight before slaughter, they are crowded into fattening stalls with little room to move.
  • Dairy cows Dairy cows do not exist. They produce milk solely for the purpose of nursing their young, much like all other animals and even humans. So, despite the strong attachment between mother and calf, they are forced to give birth in order to produce milk. Male calves are routinely murdered at birth by the dairy industry because they are deemed unnecessary. In the milking herd, female calves eventually take on the role of mother, giving birth, producing milk, and living short, unpleasant lives due to a variety of health and welfare issues.
  • Meat Chickens At an average of 30 fatalities every second, 2.5 million chickens are slaughtered each day in the United Kingdom for meat. Chickens, like other birds, are intelligent, caring creatures that take special interest in and provide for their young. Slaughtering a large number of birds results in their demise without leaving any kind of trace. Approximately 30,000 chickens share a shed with each other and an A4-sized space for the duration of their six-week lifespan.
  • Egg Laying Chickens: While wild chickens produce an average of 20 eggs per year, hens in modern facilities are exposed to practically constant light and fed a high-protein diet, which boosts egg production to an average of more than 300 eggs per year in modern poultry industry. However, this is not the only problem that has arisen in the egg industry. Inhumane practices such as break cutting are commonplace at egg farms, regardless of whether the chickens are kept in cages, organic, or free-range (without anaesthetic). Birds with too sensitive beaks are referred to as "debeaking" because they are unable to effectively preen or investigate. Attempts are undertaken to prevent feather pecking, which is exacerbated by adverse environmental circumstances. It is murdered for its cheap flesh after a chicken's productivity begins to decline. The corporation considers male chicks to be unimportant. Therefore, they are promptly killed as soon as they are born.
  • Pigs: Pigs are intelligent as dogs. But pigs raised for meat still spend most of their lives on industrial farms, where their natural instincts are suppressed, and their welfare is compromised. Pigs are kept in cramped, hard-floored piggeries with little to occupy them. The confinement of mothers to farrowing cages, where they can spend up to five weeks at a time, severely restricts the mother's mobility. Weaning piglets at just three to four weeks of age results in severe diarrhoea and stomach problems, which is far too early for their developing bodies. Superbugs have emerged as a result of people being forced to take daily medications and antibiotics. Non-anaesthetic mutilation treatments like "teeth clipping" and "tail docking" are also performed on a large number of piglets. This is an extremely young age at which they are slaughtered, between the ages of five and six months.

What You Can Do?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Veganism. From climate changes to saving animals and keeping your own body healthy, Veganism provides us with various reasons why we should choose it. Some reasons which support why we should be choosing Veganism are,

Animal Products Lead to Heart Disease and Cancer

It has been found in various studies that animal meat leads to high levels of cholesterol and an increased amount of fat in our bodies. This fat blocks blood vessels, and this stops the flow of blood in the body, which can lead to cardiac arrest. Moreover, studies have also shown that people who eat meat have higher chances of cancer than those who do not eat meat. So, if you want to lead a happy and healthy life, then you should choose Veganism and save yourself.

Meat Can Be Poisonous

When an animal is killed, its body secretes lactic acid. This lactic acid can lead to food poisoning and other diseases. Moreover, there are many parasites that live in the intestine of the animals and form cysts that can withstand high temperatures, and if the meat is not cooked properly, the parasite is ingested and can lead to food poisoning. Also, eating flesh that contains bacteria that live in the faeces, intestinal tracts and other parts of the animals can lead to stomach cramps or even organ failure and, in some cases, death.

Factory Farming Harms Animals

It is an undeniable fact that factories that farm these animals are just using them for the products they produce. Moreover, these animals are just used to provide the products and are treated in very inhumanely ways. These animals are subjected to mutilations and are confined into various small spaces, which affect them physically and mentally. Being voiceless, the animals cannot complain, but as responsible humans, we should know their plight and embrace Veganism

Animal Welfare

Vegans care about how animals are treated fairly, whether used for food, clothing, entertainment, or science (after Cesar Chavez). In the Global South, the idea of not eating meat and not using animal products goes back thousands of years, but the name "veganism" as we know it today came from Europe and Western countries like the United States in the 20th century.

Veganism is not just a movement; it is a revolution. With Veganism, we are not just saving animals but also ourselves and the planet. The voiceless animals are helped when you switch to a vegan diet. So, say no to meat and yes to Veganism.