They deserve to lives - The hidden lives of cows

May 02, 2022

Like cats, dogs, and humans, cows, too, have a different ways of communicating with each other. Cows show a variety of behavior just like us; some are bossy, some are timid, some are quick learners, and some are friendly and considerate. Animal behaviorists believe that cows interact with each other in a complex manner. They mourn when their close one dies or gets separated. They even shed tears like us when they are sad. They have a strong bond with their claves, and when separated, they can keep calling them frantically.

Like wolves, cows also choose their leader according to their social skills, intelligence, confidence, and inquisitiveness. When cows are raised in unnatural conditions, like in a crowded place, they get upset and constantly fight for dominance. This leaves them distressed.

Female cows are usually fertile for 8-10 years. However, the milk production capacity of the cows reduces after three calves. So, dairy cows are sold to the families or dispatched to the slaughterhouse when they are around six years old.

In the United States, beef cows live for just 1.5 to 2 years. Such calves are weaned away from mother's milk at the age of 6 months. Male calves are specially raised for the meat and are castrated at 4-5 weeks old. Female calves are raised, and when they are 15 months old, they are bred to produce more cows for meat production. After weaning, male calves are fully grass-fed until they are 1200 pounds in weight. Once they achieve the targeted weight, the cows are sent to the slaughterhouse, where they are killed.

They don't want to die - The hidden lives of cows

They don't want to die.

Like any other animal, cows don't want to die. They wage war when it comes to saving their lives. A cow has a life of 20 years. They are reared for their milk, and most of the dairy milk industries want you to believe that the milk that you consume comes from happy cows. However, the reality is completely different; research shows that every drop of the milk comes from a cow that is abused and exploited.

As soon as the milk of cows begins to drop, they are slaughtered for beef. They are raised in an overcrowded and dirty place full of insects and flies. The newborn calves are immediately taken away from their mother and are force-fed by tube. Male calves have low value in the dairy industry, so they are mistreated. Female calves, on the other hand, are subjected to abuse. They are artificially inseminated, kicked, punched, hit, and dragged.

Animals, including cows, feel pain, and we are no one to kill them for our appetite. Eating meat is not only cruel, but it takes a heavy toll on our health and environment. Rearing animals for meat unable them to build their families, nests, or do anything that is natural to them. Besides, studies show that eating meat is one of the top contributors to environmental problems. Studies found that eating meat causes 40% more greenhouse gas emissions. There are thousands of reasons to ditch the meat and enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle.