Why Go Vegan

Save a life, save the planet… Vegan is the choice

Why Being Vegetarian Isn't Enough?

Being a vegetarian and being a vegan are totally different. If you are someone who is eating plant-based products but aren't sure about switching to veganism, then we are here to help you out and tell you that being just vegetarian isn't enough.

  • Sustainable for the planet You must know that being a vegan will reduce the amount of energy consumption that would have been used on the processing of meat-based products. This results in reducing carbon footprint. Moreover, you should also avoid eating unhealthy foods to avoid future health problems.
  • Animal care You must know that products derived from animals lead to their deaths, even dairy products cows and goats which are reared for their milk and cheese lead to death due to higher levels of milk production in their lifetime. The same goes for the egg-laying chickens and ducks.

Here are some reasons why you must become a vegan

Make this year something meaningful by choosing to become vegan. If you are not sure about becoming one, here are 7 Reasons to Choose Going Vegan as your New Year’s Resolution

Vegetables Cow

Get more energy to do work

It should be noted that a vegan diet does give you more energy to work. A vegan diet contains less amount of fat which means that your blood does not have much fat in it, and your arteries will open up properly. That means your blood will be circulated in your body quite nicely, and your tissues are getting enough oxygen to work properly.

Give your heart some extra years to live

Veganism is good not only for your pocket but also for your heart. It means that your heart will be free of any heart diseases as compared to meat-eaters. As your blood and body won't contain a lot of saturated fat, your heart will be free from collapsing. So, being vegan is great for your health!

Going Vegan for Environment: Do your part for the environment

Do you know eating vegetables is good for the environment? The carbon released in the environment for rearing cattle and poultry is really massive as compared to the vegan counterpart. Also, based on a report, "Livestock's Long Shadow," it is said that meat production is harmful to the environment. So, if you love your mother earth, then putting out some meat should be quite easy.

In addition, there is a finite amount of space that is present on this planet, and people are using around 30% of the land for rearing animals. Also, the land which is used to rear these animals provide less than 10% of the world's calories.

Environmental impact of animal agriculture

By going vegan, you can significantly reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture. By reducing your consumption of animal products, you can help reduce the demand for meat, dairy, and eggs, decreasing the overall carbon footprint of the food system.

In conclusion, a plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental impact and protect the planet. By choosing vegan options, you can help to conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote sustainable land use. So, make a positive impact on the environment today by choosing a vegan lifestyle!

Going Vegan for Saving Animals: Do it for the animals

Do you like animals, or are you one of those people who are indifferent to others' misery? Well, it is an obvious fact that people who are vegan indirectly save the lives of millions of animals during their lifetime.

Additionally, they may be given growth hormones and antibiotics to increase productivity, which can negatively affect their health and well-being. Furthermore, slaughtering is often criticized for being inhumane, with animals subjected to cruel treatment and prolonged suffering. Many vegans argue that it is unethical to kill animals for food when plenty of plant-based alternatives are available.

Dairy is not safe too

A study found some relation between acne breakouts and dairy products. It has been found that over 68% of people around the world are lactose intolerant and can have issues digesting dairy products.

Every person matters in the journey towards veganism, as one can save one animal every day by adopting a plant-based diet. It was found that 200 animals are saved every year by an individual who is on a vegan diet. So, if you are looking to help animals and save them, then you must choose plant-based products over anything that contains animal-derived foods or products.

It should be noted that animals which are butchered are more intelligent than we think. Be it cows or pigs, all of them have shown some cognitive abilities, which shows that they are smarter than we have imagined them to be.

Going Vegan for Health: Do it for Your self-care!

Lower your blood pressure while you munch on your veggies

If you are facing blood pressure-related issues, It's time you should avoid any type of meat product. It was found in a study that people eating vegan food have less hypertension compared to those who are avid meat-eaters, also noted that high blood pressure has resulted in deaths across the globe, and not just old people are its victims. It was found that people in the range of 24 to 32 years of age have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Moreover, eating a vegan diet has resulted in reducing blood pressure to a great extent.

Give your skin some extra glow

Do you wish to give your skin a glow like never before? Eating fruits and vegetables can help you achieve that. It is found that vegetables and fruits have antioxidants in them, which will help to repair your skin and give it a glow like never before. On the other hand, meat-based food products will contribute to worsening the condition of your skin as they contain lots of fats that might not be good for your skin. So, give your skin a wrinkle-free and de-aging look by eating a vegan diet.

Lose that extra weight by going vegan

You should know that a vegan diet contains plants that are high in fiber. Fiber is known to give your brain a sensation that makes it feel that your stomach is full. So, you would not be eating large quantities of the food and still lose some extra weight. Moreover, meat-driven diet plans are shown to be less effective for losing weight due to the high-fat content present in the primary diet.

Give your digestive system a boost when you avoid meat

Now you might have already noticed that a plant-based diet is good for your overall health. The same goes with the health of your guts. You must know that eating meat is not going to help improve your gut health, but a vegan would. Eating foods that are rich in fiber and other nutrients will surely improve your bowel movement and help your gut become better overall.

Say bye-bye to inflammations

Your body might be triggering a huge amount of inflammation if you are eating food products that are animal-based or highly processed. Moreover, these inflammations, which are chronic, can lead to severe health conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer's, or diabetes. Whereas eating a vegan diet won't lead to such problems. Moreover, it has been found in studies that people who eat red and processed meat have higher chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Which has led to the revelation that people who consume meat have double the chance of getting the disease as compared to people who are vegan.

In conclusion, adopting a vegan lifestyle is a way to fulfil our moral responsibility towards nature and create a kinder world. While transitioning to a vegan diet may seem overwhelming, starting small and trying it for a month is possible. With resources and support, anyone can explore the benefits of a plant-based diet and discover delicious and varied vegan options. Let us all take steps towards a more sustainable and compassionate future for ourselves and the planet.