Going Vegan for Saving Environment

Protect the future of our planet by starting with your plate.

Vegans are taking their world vegan. Veganism is the fastest-growing food change in the world. Every life on Earth constitutes the environment. From the tiniest particle to the largest living being is a part of the Earth.

Protect the future of our planet by starting with your plate

Every ecosystem plays a major role in climate change. These climate changes include an increase in temperature, precipitation patterns, global weather patterns, natural disasters, and much more. This could lead the Earth to extinction. Going Vegan might be a way to protect and restore the environment.

The positive impact of Vegan Diet on the Environment

Some of the health benefits that come with adopting a vegan diet which will save our environment. A vegan diet eliminates cholesterol intake, which naturally contributes to a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. A vegan diet also eliminates animal protein, which is a high contributor to cancer formation, among other effects. This has a great impact on our environment. Now more than ever, a simple switch to Veganism can make a big impact.

The positive impact of Vegan Diet on the Environment

Veganism is not only good for the environment but also good for your health. We're busy at work to ensure we source our eco-cruelty products for the sake of our environment and animals. Some of the coolest things about plant-based eating are that it is ethical, sustainable, and nourishing for us. Now, our most destructive consumerism behaviour is not only killing the animal population but also our planet.

How does Veganism help in climate change?

Sometimes the hardest decision to make is the one that needs to be made most. Some factors that will help us save the environment by going vegan.

By reducing carbon.

We all are aware of the heating of our motherland. We can save our Earth by replacing a non-vegetarian meal with some healthy vegetarian source of protein like seeds, nuts, lentils, beans, etc. By this, we will reduce greenhouse and carbon gas emissions. The farm-to-plate process of food production totals 26% of global gas emissions.

You can't quit using your vehicles but you can choose vegan and eat veggies.

The second step that we can take toward the environment is by going vegan and saving emissions. When you go out on tour with your family, the emission produced during this is cured by eating vegetarian food for a year. If you take a completely vegetarian diet for a year, you're saving our mother earth in one way or another.

Save our water and land

Save our water and land

Thirdly you can go vegan and save our water and land. By taking a vegetable diet you'll save the land that's used to raise cattle and other animals. Less land is acquired in vegetable farming, to grow food. At the same, the food consumption by cattle and other animals is saved.

Save Environment, GO Vegan and Minimize the GHGEs

Did you know about GHGEs or Greenhouse Gas Emissions? Well, that is the main reason that is causing climate change all around the world. But how is that related to being vegan? Well, meat eaters are said to be responsible for 2-2.5 times more GHGEs than the people who follow vegan diets. This is because the ruminant animals like sheep, goats, etc., emit the largest amount of greenhouse gasses per gram of protein they include in our diet. On the other hand, vegans are said to produce around 53% fewer GHGEs. Another after that contributes to this is the fact that including an animal diet does require a lot of natural resources than a plant-based diet.

Veganism is the best solution for animal rights and environmental sustainability. So, for the environmental sake, the animals join us on this mission to become vegan today.