Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians

July 29, 2022

Today, there seem to be many more vegetarian and Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians than at any time in the past few years. Every business is moving toward a cruelty-free, plant-based way of life. Veganism is often pushed by doctors, fashion designers, and athletes, who use materials that don't come from animals in their work. The music business is just as busy in this way. Veganism and diets without animal products are becoming more popular among artists, who are eager to tell their fans about their new ways of living.

Being vegan in the music industry

Vegetarianism didn't become popular until the 1970s, and even then, you mostly read about it in the vegan cooking blog of your hippie cousin.

Because of this, things began to change. People started to discuss the moral effects of eating meat in more depth. As people's ideas changed, there were soon vegetarian restaurants everywhere, many vegan recipes in cookbooks, and meat substitutes for vegetarians at fast food restaurants, to name a few.

Veganism is no longer just a trend or a small group of people who are interested in it. This is here to stay, whether you like it or not. Some of the most famous vegan musicians in the world are taking steps to live more morally and kindly. This list of vegan musicians and bands comes from vegan websites, blogs, and social media accounts of people who support veganism.


Moby - Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians

"At the end of the day, what sustains me as an activist is love. The unconditional love I have for all animals. And I think that's the best part of who I am, and I think it's the best part of who we are. Every animal, no matter how big or how small or how wild or how domesticated, wants to be alive and simply wants to be happy."

Moby has been a vegan for 35 years. To remember this, he has the moby vegan quotes "Vegan for Life" tattooed on his neck and "Animal Rights" written very large on his arms. Moby and Steve Ignorant from Crass have an exciting conversation about how the world is right now, including Trump, Brexit, and Climate Change.


Lizzo - Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians

Lizzo posted a video on TikTok in June 2020 telling her nearly nine million followers that she was now a vegan. "As a new vegan, I'm enjoying exploring flavours from plants & plant-based proteins! Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated," she decided to write.

"This is from a whirlwind tour and year, and after being seven years vegetarian, went back to consuming all Vegan animal products," a vegan musician stated in a TikTok video after six months of being vegan. I am right now making a vegan protein shake. She added: "Honestly, I am both of these women and I cannot condemn one woman or the other. I'm happy both ways and right now, this is what's bringing me joy."

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish - Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians

Billie Eilish was raised as a vegetarian and became a vegan when she was 12. Because Orlando Bloom asked her about it in a video interview for British Vogue in May, she explained why. "I am vegan; I've been vegan for … damn … seven years. I learned about the dairy industry, and the meat industry, which I already knew about," she said. "But, you know, once you know that kind of thing and you see it, it's really hard to go back. I just can't go on in my life knowing what's going on in the animal world and, like, not doing anything about it."

The "Happier Than Ever" singer wrote on her Instagram Stories for Thanksgiving 2021, "Turkeys are some of the kindest animals in the world, but 46 million of them are killed every Thanksgiving." I know breaking old habits is hard, but remember that:)."

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians

Since 2013, the artist who has won a Grammy and sold more than 20 million albums worldwide has been a vegan. She eats a Japanese Vegan diet that is almost macrobiotic. This means she eats a lot of daikon, adzuki beans, and lotus.

Grande uses sweet potatoes, tofu, and raw vegetables in her recipes instead of meat and other things made from animals. Blueberries are her favorite food to snack on. She eats a lot of protein, carbs, and vitamins to keep going on stage.

"Look, cows produce milk with nutrients for cows. Maybe that's why Americans end up looking like cows. Ultimately, no one wants cow tit pus in their food, do they?"

Even if it's not the best way to make friends and get people to agree with her, saying that her fellow Americans are like cows and that there's pus in their milk is a surefire way to make people run for a soy latte instead.

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams - Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians

Bryan Adams, who is known for his song "Summer of '69," is a strong supporter of veganism and vegetarianism. In 2018, the vegan singers-songwriter said that giving up meat and sweets was "the best thing I've ever done for myself."

People who support him are often told to change what they eat (even his Instagram bio encourages people to go vegan). "Propaganda from the meat industry," he told his fans in 2019, including the idea that you need meat to get protein. He said that the "magnificent giants" shouldn't be hunted because there is no reason to do so. He added, "The future is recognising that killing animals for food is [expletive] up the planet."


Sia - Famous Vegan Singer and Musicians

People know that Sia always hides her face from the crowd. She is a vegan, but she is proud of it. In 2014, she tweeted about her decision to become a vegan.

The Grammy-nominated singer Dominion is the star of a vegan documentary that came out last year. She also narrates the film.

She is an outspoken activist for animal rights who has joined forces with PETA to stop animals from being homeless.

Sia, a musician, raised in Australia by her Greek mother and American father, is a bit of a vegan recluse. In an interview with Billboard earlier this year, she said, "I don't think I would be writing music if I didn't have the drive to do so."

Queens of the Stone Age Romy Angelakos is a musician and songwriter born in France. She has worked with labels like Young Turks, Mute, and R&S. Romy is a vegan, even though she makes most of her art and music as a gay man. The Horror House House of Pain, a musicians that are vegan, was vegan long before Ozzy Osbourne. The lead singer of the band, Rick James, likes plant-based diets.

Veganism is just one of many healthy ways to eat. It's becoming more and more popular in a lot of different businesses. Veganism is becoming more popular because doctors, fashion designers, and athletes talk about how healthy plant-based diets are.

The vegan food industry brings in an estimated $9 billion each year. Sales have increased significantly because more and more people are interested in plant-based protein sources like tempeh, fake meat, seitan, and veggie burgers. No longer is it a worry that meat-eaters might give up on the cause. Even sweets like cake and ice cream can be made without animal products.