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Kind to Planet and Wallet Affordable Vegan Clothing Brands

November 04, 2022

The vegan movement has spread beyond the food industry to include other sectors including the fashion industry.

Initially, vegan apparel was costly, keeping it out of most people's price range. The good news is that many accessible vegan fashion companies offer everyone accessibility to fashionable yet ethically and sustainably produced clothing and accessories. Although there are many innovative vegan fashion businesses, these are our ten affordable vegan clothing brands.

Today, more apparel than at any other time in human history is advertised as vegan, cruelty-free, and animal-friendly, which makes sense given the growing consumer awareness of concerns like sustainability, global warming, health and wellbeing, and ethical eating.

Future developments in the fashion industry's commitment to cruelty-free practices include the establishment of Vegan Fashion Week in February 2019 and also the publication of Vegan Style, the first book ever on vegan fashion, in July 2019.

And if you want to stock your wardrobe with ethically produced animal-free clothing but are on a tight budget, are unable to visit thrift stores due to lockdown regulations, or simply dislike second-hand shopping, we have put together a list of inexpensive vegan fashion brands that make your search easier.




  • Material: Genuine Use of bamboo
  • WRAP Certification
  • Products: Tops, Active Wear & Babywear

Boody is a Sustainable Vegan clothing Brand with comfort, fashion, and wellness at its core that was established in Australia by the two closest friends. It makes cosy, mindfully constructed daily necessities using bamboo that is farmed organically.

It supports the green as well as ethical movement by reducing waste using low-waste cutting processes and utilising a closed-loop system through its supply chain.

Beginning with the modest undie, Boody expanded their ethical business to include tops, leggings, activewear, and babywear, as well as men's and women's underwear, socks, and tops.

Boody claims that their clients' comfort is their top priority, but they also constantly keep the employees' health on the assembly plants in mind. Boody has earned WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification for their treatment of workers.

Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat


  • Material: Recycled & Organic Fabrics
  • Products: Wallets & handbags
  • Association with SA8000-certified factories

Matt and Natt radiate only good energy. The vegan and sustainable firm from Montreal creates vibrant, simple wallets and handbags that are good for the environment. With recycled materials & organic fabrics, they have continuously given their items new life since their founding in 1995.

Matt and Nat use recyclable fabrics, including polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride, rubber, and plastic water bottles.

They have always placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, dependability, and quality in each and every handbag they make. Their methodical approach necessitates ongoing experimentation.

Before deciding to use a new fabric in any collection, the company's head designers test it for three or four months. Additionally, they place a premium on ethics and exclusively cooperate with SA8000-certified factories.

Kula Bags



  • Certification: FSC & Oeko-Tex
  • Material: Purely Vegan
  • Focus on Social Duties

In the summer year 2019, Kula bags were established. At a trade show, a novel material known as Texon vogue, a strong and washable paper, was presented. This became the inspiration for all of the company's goods.

Along with being adaptable, the material was also entirely vegan and had received certification from the FSC as well as Oeko-Tex for its sustainability, all of which were significant pluses. Since then, companies have focused on their social duty while creating various items that meet the requirements of their clients.




  • Use of no -toxic textiles
  • Use of non-harmful materials
  • Supports sustainable brands

It was in the late 1990s and 2000s when low-cost fashion production became a phenomenon and fast fashion retailers including Topshop and Zara took over mainstream fashion on the high street.

As a result, fast fashion has had a huge impact on the planet. Because of pressures to mass produce and do so in the most-effective way, brands have cut many corners using toxic dyes and cheap textiles, causing a lot of harmful pollution.

However, as consumers we have become increasingly conscious about fast fashion and are opting to support more sustainable and ethical vegan clothing brands. The new brand on the block who is campaigning for change is FullaLove, which launched in Leicester.

What is FullaLove?

Fullalove is a new niche clothing brand that embraces ethical production and natural materials, to produce high-quality and wearable fashion.

Lemon Jelly



  • Products: Jelly boots, Oxford shoes, rain boots
  • Materials: Organic fabrics
  • Unique lemon scent

Made in Europe, Lemon Jelly embraces a sustainable fashion movement and stands out for its unmistakable lemon scent. Exploring the women's jelly boots and shoes one can discover online Lemon Jelly's footwear for women with elegant oxford shoes, classic booties or rain boots, which will be the latest fashion trend.

The Lemon Jelly's new collection are new hotties and new colors’ will be your company on those unexpected boots, Low boots and knee high women's boots, colourful and with elegant details for winter and summer ankle boot's collection. Between flat ankle boots, heeled.

Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood


  • Pure vegan brand
  • Ethically produced materials
  • Use of recycled plastic cups and bottles

Pixie Mood is a vegan brand that comes out with its amazing collection of bags, wallets and other access.

Their designs are unique and very simple that can be used for formal events. Their minimal designs are made with several organic materials like vegan leather. Their products are ethically produced and are sustainable in nature.

They work with recycled plastic cups and bottles, this makes them an eco-friendly brand.

They are an affordable brand that is very sustainable. Apart from this they work ethically with their workers and guarantee their safety. Their factory ensures the well-being of their employees.

Their collections are for everyday use. The bags look classy and detailed with minimalistic design patterns that makes the items stand out.




  • Eco-friendly collection
  • Saves water in the making process
  • Biodegradable materials

Nu-in the Sweden based clothing brand that produces basics for both men and women. Their collections are extremely unique and versatile. From trendy activewear to comfortable cute dresses they make everything. They have a large collection that will fill your closet with the best outfits.

Their collections are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. This brand makes a piece which even saves water. It is made up of organic cotton and even recycled ones.

The clothing pieces are biodegradable and safe to use. Their collections are disposable and ensure harm to nature in any way.

This brand is PET approved for being 100% vegan. Workers of this factory and brand are valued and given rights. Their well-being and safety is guaranteed with credit of fair salary.

Harvest and Mill

Harvest and Mill


  • Use of pure and organic cotton
  • Pet approved clothing brand
  • Spinning & Knitting processes

Harvest and Mill, a Pet approved California based clothing brand.

They produce only a limited collection, which are completely essential basic pieces. The production of this brand takes place locally around the Berkeley studios.

They use pure, organic cotton for all their clothing pieces. The whole process of growing the cotton, spinning and knitting takes place in the USA.

Apart from using organic raw material, they also use natural dyes which are compostable. In addition to that, their packaging is completely against plastic use. They use only compostable material for their packages.

The brand produces clothing ranges for men too. They supply quality basics which are absolutely compostable. The price range varies from affordable to a bit expensive.




  • Products: 100% Vegan Shoes
  • No use of animal skin
  • Ecological use of materials

Vegan shoes by Good guys don’t wear leather.

Leather can be made from cows, pigs, goats, and sheep; exotic animals such as alligators, ostriches, and kangaroos; and even dogs and cats, who are slaughtered for their meat and skin in China, which exports their skins around the world. Because leather is normally not labelled, you never really know where (or whom) it came from.

As such Good guys who don't wear leather came up with an alternative to these kinds of leather which causes sufferings to sentient beings and therefore GOOD GUYS DON’T WEAR LEATHER offers an alternative to leather that is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, ecological and so Stylish! Knowing the terrible impact of the leather this has been a great help to the environment and the animal sufferings.

They offer all kinds of leather goods like boots for women, boots, vegan men sneakers etc.


Well, these listed brands are the most viable option to go for if you are looking for high quality clothing at an affordable pricing.

Vegan fashion sustainable brands not just add value to your personality but also contribute back to nature, and our earth as whole.

Their eco-friendly approach and designed products sets them a cut above the rest in the market.