Definition - Veganism

Veganism where humans do not use any products or derivatives of animals in their day-to-day life, ensuring that everyone has the equal right to live.

Why Go Vegan

Why Go Vegan?

Veganism is not just a lifestyle but an awakening. It can promote a healthy lifestyle, protecting many animals while combating climate change. Moreover, Vegan food is very delicious and easily available.

How to Go Vegan?

If you have already decided to go vegan, then it’s time to stop worrying. Check our well-researched guide to experience an enjoyable transition journey to a vegan. Continue reading this article, you will have an idea why & how to proceed.

Vegan foods are everywhere

Finding vegan cuisine isn't as difficult as you might think based on what you've heard from others. With the rise of the vegan trend in recent years, every meat and veggie food item on the market has been replaced by vegan alternatives.


The sale of plant-based food in the US alone has increased from 11% to 29% now, in just a quick span of 2 years.


Tofu and Tempeh are doing great with an increase in 15% of the sales in the United States in just 2 years. The sale will surely increase, and people will support the vegan movement.


The plant-based milk market is holding itself strong by taking over the 2 billion US dollars market for the total-plant based food products.

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At Be Veganism, We inspires people to go vegan for the sake of animals, the environment, and their own health - we're fighting to make the world a better place for everyone.

In addition, we fund sanctuaries and charities that support animals in need now and in the future. We support animal sanctuaries by donating to them, providing microgrants to animal welfare organization and education programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can easily find vegan products online on any vegan site. Also, you can seek into the nearby shops to know the availability of the vegan products. The quality may vary in every different brand. So, choose wisely.
As medicines have now been a part of our life. So, one cannot stay away from them. So, all you can do is consult your doctor to know the medicine doesn’t contain any ingredients from animals. As such, you can also check the ingredient label on the pack. Keep a check on your good health as health is most important.
Many studies and research have been made where suppliers cleared the fuss. They assured us that humans use sticks and machines for harvesting. Monkeys or any other animals are barely involved in harvesting.
As we know, the process of honey formation and it is a fact that bees make honey for their use, not for the use of humans. Multiple bees die during the honey collection. One should make sure to protect insects. We can use other products for our food sweetening. Thus, vegans avoid honey or honey-based products. You can use date syrup, dried fruits, and maple syrup-like products in place of honey. This is how veganism is good for the environment and for animals like bees.
As palm oil is a vegetable product and there is no animal involved. Thus, it’s completely for vegans. But the single-issue campaigns have only focused on the ill- effects of vegan oil. Here are the ill effects on animals in content. Still, the vegan society is focusing on a world where there is no use for animals’ human purposes.
Many drinks are vegan. But you must check the vegan trademark before purchasing any product. Many markets label cider, wine, and also beer as a vegan. So, you can easily consume those.

why you should become vegan...

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Did you know...

Support the environment by reducing carbon footprint by 60% every year by going vegan

Did you know...

Give your body a clean and healthier diet by going vegan today

Did you know...

Say bye-bye to heart diseases when you go vegan

Did you know...

Save 1100 gallons of water while saving the lives of the Vegans when you go vegan.